This is a 12 week online Kundalini Yoga and Coaching program to asst you getting through one of the most, if not the most stressful events in a person’s life. This is program is designed to help you get from destruction of divorce to building your new foundation for the future. You will release the negative emotions of guilt, sadness, anger, negativity. You will address responsibility and learn how to accept and move forward with dignity and inspiration. There will be coaching on divorce, co-parenting, and on the ground how to handle the obstacles that come with this life transition. By the end of the course you will be on your way toward living the life you have dreamed about, and be confident that you are living the life you have always wanted as opposed to staying stuck in the disappointment of a dream and a life that did not work out. will be on your way to your new life, as well as have tools to manage the stress of co-parenting and residual interactions with your ex. In addition to the online Kundalini courses. There is one on one coaching sessions, Mind Set coaching sessions and weekly group support. For more information please contact me directly.


This is a 12 week online course combining Kundalini Yoga and learning the science of Numerology.

You will learn how to calculate your first 11 numbers, understanding the meaning in the various positions, as well as how the numbers apply to Kundalini yoga. You will learn how to link up kriya sets, mantras and meditations by applying numerology for yourself, others of just for the day.

Its an interactive way to go deeper in your practice and deeper into your own awareness. You will be able to do do numerology readings, as as apply these told to your yoga classes and clients.

You will receive the Vedakara Book 1 Numbers 1-11


This is a 12 week course based on the next 11 calculations, as well as dive deeper into Significant numbers calculations.

You will be able to read the the Master Mandala calculation chart. You will have 12 online Kundalini classes and and will receive the Vedakara Book 2, Significant Numbers and Transformer Numbers


This is a deep and transformative course 2 day course, where we use deep breath work kriyas, the numbers 13 & 14, and powerful mantra sound to move through difficult blocks from childhood. We dive deep into meditation, writing releasing and end with a powerful and integrative gong sound bath.