Master Mandala

Personal Numerology Reading


We are a set of numerological codes living in a numerological matrix.

Discovering our personal numbers unlocks the perspectives that will propel us forward toward our destiny so we can complete what we came here to create. We can start to maneuver in the matrix to command time and space to work for us, not against us.

In the Master Mandala there are 22 calculations to create a map of your personal numbers.

This map tells your unique story, and will provide insights that will align you to your highest path and your projected destiny.

The readings are done over the phone or Skype, and take one hour and a half. Sat Purkh will go through each number in each position; what it means, how you can work with it, and how it interconnects with the rest of the chart. Sat will go through the significant, transformer and master numbers that may be present in your chart.

The nucleus of the reading is the first five positions. (Soul, Gift, Mastery, Path and Knowledge) From there we get the rest of the calculations, including your gifts, challenges, past life and destiny.

You will be sent a PDF with your personal numbers, which acts as a guide for you to use.


22 Calculations:

  • Soul, Gift, Mastery, Path, Knowledge

  • Projection, Base, Challenge, Asset

  • Bottom Line, Potential, Strength, Heart, Confidence, Strategy

  • Destiny, Cornerstone, Touchstone, Caliber, Lever, Balance

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Master Mandala Personal Reading
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Master Mandala Personal Reading

What will you receive:

  • A one and a half hour personalized reading by Sat Purkh, over the phone at a time organized by both of you.

  • Sat Purkh will go through each calculation in the chart, and weave them together to reveal your unique life journey.

  • A Master Mandala chart for you to keep in PDF form

  • An optional Kundalini Kriya, meditation and mantra, should you want to use these practices to unlock you further, that is personalized to your chart.

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