Vedakara Numerology

Your true being is Infinite love.

We live in a numerological matrix with boundaries and polarities.

Individually, you are a set of numerological codes.

Vedakara Numerology is a combined system of Pythagorean, Vedic and Kabbalah numerological systems.

Discovering your personal numbers unlocks perspectives to better understand your gifts, challenges, and inspires you to live your destiny.

This unique system can clear the path to greater understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. We are able to navigate the frequencies, release the traumas and karmas and be happy.

We can utilize these insights in our day to day life to enhance our fulfillment in every area of our existence.

Numerology Master Mandala Personal Chart Example.jpg

Personal readings

22 Calculation Master Mandala

In the Master Mandala there are 22 calculations to create a chart of your personal numbers.

It is a life map of your innermost self. These readings are deep, potent and powerful. The reading is a reminder of who you really are, what you came to do, and how to go about getting it done. Your chart tells a story that is unique to you and illuminates and confirms what your soul already knows. With this knowledge you will gain clarity and confidence to take the next step in your life evolution.


Weekly Numerology Forecast

The weekly forecast is an energetic update based on the numerology for the week; using the week, monthly and universal year numbers. It is posted onto YouTube every Friday afternoon, for the following week and can be viewed at the Sunni-ai YouTube channel.