Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a supreme technology to awaken your awareness and take you to your authentic Self. It is a yoga that is designed to cleanse the mind and body, while simultaneously activating your chakras and glandular system.

We use the following:

A Kriya Yoga set: a series of postures combined with breath work and sound to create physical and mental changes.

Meditation: a variety of tools used to balance the mind and energetic body.

Mantra: a sound, word or phrase that creates a neurological change in your brain and body.

Planetary Gong Sound Bath: sound waves that move us into a deep theta state of relaxation. Once in this state, there is the possibility of experiencing deep healing, clearing, creativity, peace, joy, visions, love, oneness, regeneration and restoration.


Sat Purkh is a level three KRI certified teacher. She has been facilitating and studying yoga for over twenty five years. Sat is a founding teacher at RA MA Institute in Venice, California, and an Associate Trainer at Infinite Goddess Training’s, teaming up with Dr Haridass to provide KRI approved teacher trainings for the next generation of Kundalini Yogis around the world.

Her teaching weaves Kundalini Yoga, Numerology and the sound of the gong, that creates a re-birthing effect that results in deep healing, and sustained transformation.

The classes and workshops are deep but also fun, incorporating a lot of breath work and sound as this is the quickest way to activate the pineal and pituitary gland, as well as clear the trauma out of the muscles, cells, and nervous system. DMT, serotonin activation are the brain and body’s natural by-products to feeling good and interconnected to ourselves and the universe. If you are laughing, then we are on the way to healing.

We are not victims of our patterns, we can overcome them, and actually begin to see that all life, no matter what the experience, can be viewed as a way to grow, heal and enjoy. We can laugh at are woes and realize that collectively we are traveling on similar paths. When we live empowered, we pave the way, not only for our own healing, but create space for others to join, and we can live in love and create beauty.