Planetary Gong Sound Healing

Planetary Gongs are used to create a deep theta state of relaxation and sunni-ai. There is nothing to “do” except lie down and breathe. Most people find the sound and vibration of the gong comforting, as the individual releases into the oneness of the sound. The Gong is the most effective tool in arresting the constant mental processing, the day to day anxieties, emotional blocks, that are stored in the mind, nervous system and muscle tissue. The mind cannot overpower the Gong. Within minutes the mind surrenders.

Some of the experiences people in Sat Purkh’s sound baths report of are: releasing fears, healing physical ailments, chakra balancing, peace, joy, happiness, visions, regressions, clarity, problem solving, love, connections, to guides, teachers, shamans, angels. Experiencing the self as a multi-dimensional being, creative inspiration, a sense of oneness, guidance, and clear sense of their authentic self.


Sound Healing at your next event

Sat Purkh is available to do a Planetary Gong Sound bath at your next event. This can be on its own, in conjunction with another practitioner to integrate the work, or mini private sessions as part of a group event.

If Sat Purkh’s Kundalini class — with kriya, meditation, serious breathing and chanting — doesn’t break free our worries and pain, no prob ‘cause her GONG will. Sat has the magic to literally vibrate the resistance out of us. She’s a powerhouse behind her instrument. I’m blessed to have studied under her now for two years.
— Avtar Nishan